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Do you need a cost-effective, reliable and professional service that will significantly reduce the workload of Exam Access Arrangements (EAA)?


I am an experienced teacher with the level 7 CPT3A Exam Access Arrangements qualification. I have worked as a Senco in several large Secondary Schools, and I understand the pressure that assessing for EAA places on a busy SEND Department. 


I use a range of standardised test materials that can provide the appropriate evidence needed for Exam Access Arrangements. I will give you the scores required to complete the online application process after the assessment.


How does it work?


After an initial discussion about your needs, the school will supply a skeleton Part 1 of the JCQ Form 8, completed for each student. 

I will require this information before assessing your students. I will assess students as a group (where possible) and follow up with individual assessments where needed. I will provide testing resources and can test approximately 

10- 12 students per day. I am available for follow-up consultation or by email or phone.


My fee is £590 per day. (This equates to approximately £50 per student). When an overnight stay is needed, the cost of accommodation will be charged up to £45 per night.


I aim to make the student feel as relaxed and comfortable as possible to ensure accurate and stress-free assessments.


I am available for follow-up consultation by email or phone.

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