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Katy is an amazing teacher. She inspires my students to achieve new heights in Maths, English and Science. Her knowledge of Special Education Needs serves to ensure she offers every child the very best teaching!

 Adam Haffner Director of BeMyTutor

Avery Smith

As a mum of a dyslexic boy, I was so disheartened and upset to receive a harsh end of term report littered with words and phrases peppered throughout such as ‘lack of focus, not concentrating, disorganised, eratic approach to homework, insufficient exam revision, did not even attempt the high mark questions in the test’. Despite traits such as concentration, self organisation, spelling and memory all being on his IEP, teachers still use the traits he finds so hard to criticise him. The lack of empathy is heartbreaking, when you can see how hard they try at home - with no recognition or praise. 

Secondary school can be a cruel place for a dyslexic child, where they are cognitively able enough to participate successfully in class discussion and revision quizzes at home, but unable to get down on paper what is needed to prove how much they have learned in a time-limited exam situation. This leads to poor exam performance and further criticism from teachers, resulting in low self-confidence and lower motivation to continue trying hard. As a parent it’s excruciating to watch! 

Enter KATY CAMERON!! The fairy godmother for students with additional needs!   

Katy’s advert popped up on Facebook and offered specialist, targeted support for students with SEN. After a free online consultation later that afternoon, both my son and I committed to weekly support sessions with Katy. She was caring and curious from the outset and spoke in detail to my son about the part of his brain that worked differently to others and described how she could help with that. 

During the sessions Katy offers pre-teaching, where she coaches my son on the subject-specific vocabulary that is coming up in each topic - aswell as how to spell them!! This enables him to go into the lessons feeling confident enough to contribute. He’s even started receiving merits for positive verbal and written answers - which has NEVER happened before. She talks him through how to revise effectively and shows him techniques to spell and remember key vocabulary. Her techniques for committing key facts to memory are proving invaluable. His confidence, attitude to learning and enthusiasm for school is greatly improved in just a few sessions. 

In addition to supporting our son, Katy has also helped us, as parents, by providing us with specific questions to ask the school’s SENCO, recommending further tests and screening, requesting further support strategies in class aswell as reviewing exam access arrangements. The support that is now on offer to our son has transformed his daily experience at school. 

Katy Cameron provides a combination of caring support to her students alongside effective learning strategies, all underpinned by recent research. She also helps parents navigate through the choppy waters of having a child with addition needs. 

Beyond delighted that our paths crossed and we have been able to access her specialist support. 

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